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NEW Book!



Crows: Strange and Wonderful
by Laurence Pringle


From Booklist, Hazel Rochman
"Crows may be best known for their raucous calls, but Pringle's informal, fact-filled narrative and Marstall's clear, beautiful pictures show that behind the noise is a complex language and a great variety of smart birds that show their intelligence in many ways....The combination of biology and personal observation will help children see for themselves that there is nothing "common" about the common crow. With the dramatic pictures of the big, glossy black birds, this science book is great for group sharing and for a lively read-aloud."

"Detailed color illustrations are striking."  -School Library Journal

Boyds Mills Press (2010)

ISBN: 1-59078-724-2

ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-724-3


More Images from Crows: Strange and Wonderful

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