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NEW Book!

On Duck Pond

by Jane Yolen


Cornell Lab Publishing (April, 2017)

ISBN-13: 9781943645220



From Kirkus Reviews 

"A prolific and skillful writer, Yolen chooses her words carefully and interestingly, putting them together in ways that read aloud gracefully. This companion volume to On Bird Hill (2016) again speaks to the joy of paying attention to one’s surroundings. The text describes some of the pond’s inhabitants: trout, turtles, tadpoles, a bullfrog, and a blue heron. The illustrations show many more... Young readers and listeners will be encouraged to discover them in their habitat on these pages. Marstall’s delicately colored paintings are less whimsical and more realistic than in the previous book. They show the pond from many angles, including close-up images of lily pads and broad vistas. Another fine entry for a “sense of wonder” collection."


From Booklist *Starred Review

"Written with simplicity and subtle sensory cues, Yolen’s extended poem establishes a strong sense of place as well as a mood that shifts with the arrival and departure of the ducks. An expressive painter, Marstall contributes a series of scenes that define the landscape and its inhabitants with subtlety, grace, and humor...A sequel to Yolen and Marstall’s On Bird Hill (2016), this picture book reflects a solid understanding of the natural world. Both the words and the illustrations are well crafted, but together they become something more: a beautiful picture book that is unexpectedly moving."

Booklist, Carolyn Phelan




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