Creating Images that Tell a Story

My presentation will be about the process of creating images that tell a story, beginning with words. The images evolve from a few quick scribbles on a piece of paper – the  “thumbnails” – to research, references sketches and more sketches, refined pencil drawings and finished color art. For two examples of this process, visit my blog.

I will also show examples of and talk about the differences between fiction and nonfiction illustrations, using examples from the recent series of three books, written by Jane Yolen, that I recently illustrated for Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Grades: K-6                     
Length of Session: 40-90 minutes
Number of Sessions Per Day:  4
$1,200 – full day (up to 4 presentations)
$700 – half day (2 presentations)
$350 – single presentation (available only in conjunction with at least one full-day at the same school or another school in the area)
$400 - live skype program

Antarctica Slide Show

In 2002, I was a recipient of a National Science Foundation Artist and Writers Program Grant to research Weddell seals in Antarctica for a nonfiction picture book. I subsequently spent 5 weeks in the austral spring of that year photographing and recording seals and seal scientist on the frozen McMurdo Sound, 750 miles from the South Pole. I created a dynamic slide show that focuses on several groups of seal scientists as they go about their daily research with both adult and newly-born seals.

Additionally, I show what it’s like to live and work in a canvas-and-wood temporary hut which sits atop six feet of constantly shifting ice floating on a thousand feet of water – all within a few miles of Mt. Erebus (the world’s southernmost active volcano) where clouds of steam and smoke billow constantly from its snow capped summit.

My images and commentary will bring alive for children and teachers the adventure of science as it is currently practiced by teams of dedicated men and women in one of the most remote, pristine, harsh, and beautiful environment on earth. The program will enhance and support any ongoing classroom unit on Antarctica or a related theme such as marine mammal research.

Grades: 3 – adults (tailored to the specific audience)
Length of Session: 50 - 120 minutes. For younger children, a 30-40 minute version with an emphasis on penguins and baby seals is available
Cost: $300/presentation

*Will present an Evening show for free with multi-day bookings