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Cornell Lab Publishing
(March 2018)
ISBN: 1943645183
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"In Yolen and Marstall’s third title in the On Bird Hill and Beyond series, a dark-haired child spots a red starfish in the sand at Gull Beach, just before a seagull snatches it. In a striking spread, the boy gazes, astonished, into the pale blue sky after the gull drops the starfish. A midair tussle ensues as the sea star is passed between bird beaks...It’s an exciting, slightly discomforting moment, which gently explores a human’s place within the chain of being.
Publishers Weekly

"The story is told in deftly constructed rhyming couplets whose pace seems to quicken with the chase, becoming transformed at the end. Veteran nature illustrator Marstall sets the story in Cape Cod, with accurate birds and believable scenery gently portrayed in watercolor...An excellent addition to the nature shelf."  Kirkus Reviews

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